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Preventative Maintenance.
Preventative maintenance is a must to make your RV stand the test of time.  There are many things that can be done by an RV owner regardless of their skill level.  We will start with the systems that all RV's have in common. 

Recreational vehicle roofs;
     If your roof is of a rubber base, EDPM or similar, there is a treatment process that keeps a layer of protection between the membrane and the elements.  It is a twice a year treatment according to the rubber manufacturer.  It is also a good idea to check the sealants used to cover the vents and other thru holes in the roof for cracking and separation twice a year pay close attention to the skylight and corners.  If the roof is metal a simple look for rust or corrosion and check the sealants at least once a year.  For the motorhome, slide in truck camper, travel trailer with a fiberglass roof, check for cracks in the sealant and in the structure pay close attention to the skylight.

    The battery on the RV is often the most overlooked of all systems, out of sight out of mind.  Forgetting it is there can be quite costly.  Letting it boil dry will ruin it then the charging system has to work too hard.  A lot of times the battery is removed, which is not healthy either, and this too causes the charging system to over work.  Most RV's are set up to utilize the battery voltage to operate
most of the appliances such as the refrigerator and the air conditioner, so it is a good idea to keep an eye on the battery.

    Tires can cause a great deal of damage if not properly maintained.  If the tires are at or beyond their designed life, see the manufacture for that info, then it is just a matter of time they will blow out.  Check the air pressure, too much or too little can and will cause them to fail.

Septic tanks;
    Even on a septic system leave the black water tank closed with toilet chemical until it is at least half full.  The tanks were not designed to allow for constant flow through use.

    The RV generator is, in most cases, a highly specialized piece of equipment.  It is designed to be clean running, quiet operating, and long lasting.  To keep them running in tip top shape is really just as simple as running them every month or so never allowing more than three months to pass between cycles and changing the oil, oil filter and air filter at the recommended intervals, see manufactures specs for the best results. 

Fresh water system;
    There are really only two things to keep in mind about the water system; keep the water pressure regulated to at or below 60 psi and be sure to winterize to prevent bursting.
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